Who Is The Wally Now?


A LEADING Island Council official is in danger of losing his place on the Council after a fracas with a police officer outside County Hall last week.

Mr Julian Tibbs, 50, allegedly insulted Constable Terry Bacon after the hard working policeman asked Mr Tibbs why he was riding his pushbike without lights.

Ethical standards committee chairman Tibbs took offence to the officers question and launched into a tirade of abuse according to one passer by; ” The guy on the bike just turned on the copper, he called him a wally then stuck his tongue out.”

Hampshire Constabulary have confirmed that one of their own had been taunted and are taking the incident very seriously.

Our Candy Press reporter has been told that Mr Tibbs has been questioned and that County Hall has launched an investigation.  Several Councillors are said to be ‘disgraced’ and ‘appalled’ by the behavior of Tibbs and have asked ‘for his head’.  One was quoted saying; “He revealed his sword and promptly fell upon it.”

During an emergency meeting Tibbs,who holds a prominent position on the ethics board, said; “I have let myself down and I have undermined everything I work for. I have now purchased lights and have apologised for my actions.”

The Candy Press has discovered many flaws in council policies and this new development will not help the public’s current opinion which is currently that the council is ‘up its own bigoted aging arse’.

One out of touch official was said to have said; “Of course we’ll drag out the situation its a great way of deflecting the attention towards us as a group and singles out one man as a wet blanket.”

Although Tibb’s apology has been accepted by P.C .Bacon his position as an ethical council member is still considered untenable and is expected to resign by the end of the day.

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