The Candy Press was born back in 2012 when the editor saw a picture of a duck and an Island police officer with a riot shield herding it down Newport High Street, and couldn’t find anywhere to post a joke article about it, so made this website.

Inspired by a one time Cowes Week publication called ‘The Boatyard Daily’ – our aim was to provide an alternative and mostly humorous view of Island goings-on.  From local news stories and events, to stories of interest, features, and also our very own special reports.

Originally writing small parodies of the County Press articles, interest grew and others started to unleash their inner wit and sent articles in which we started to feature, with many taken readers in by the articles and believing them to be true.

We had a couple of serious journalists on board, and a bloke with a disposable camera, and occasionally looked at some of the more serious Island stories, or at least tried to when we were sober.

As time went on our audience and popularity grew however sadly, tragedy in the editors personal life called a halt to all things Candy Press and more besides a few years ago.

However now in 2020 with the world in a precarious position, the Candy Press has been rebuilt and relaunched bigger and better than ever, and despite looking like a bastard child of the County Press and Island Echo, we’re back to take the piss a bit.


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