“Driver Not At Fault” Says Southern Vectis After Couple Die Waiting For Bus

Southern Vectis

A row has broken out between the Islands Coroner and Southern Vectis over the deaths of an Island couple.

The fully dressed skeletons of Arthur and Iris Teabag were discovered last month, still standing at a No. 8 bus stop near Seaview.

Iris Teabag was found holding the lead attached to the couples dog Bluebell, who only survived the long wait by eating Arthurs left foot and packs of frozen chicken-tikka gateaux from Iceland, found in the couple’s shopping bags.

The court also heard that Arthur Teabags left arm was still held aloft, apparently trying to flag down the bus “before desperation and rigor-mortis set in” blasted the Coroner.

He went on to condemn the bus driver who had admitted he deliberately didn’t stop for the Teabags as he was already ‘running a day or two late’ and that he hadn’t been too concerned as ‘it was a jolly nice day and I knew another bus would be along in a month or so.’

A spokesman for Southern Vectis told the Coroner that “they had a duty to the public to maintain an efficient and reliable service, and that in times of high demand, drivers were instructed to use their discretion as to whether to bother picking up passengers which could cause further delays.”

He added; “It’s thanks to such measures that we continue to offer Islanders bargain fares of just £3.50 to travel one-way to the next stop.”

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