Famous Island Prankster Finally Apprehended

Arse Heath

Island Police officers have finally arrested the Apse Heath ‘Prankster’ after 34 years of trying to catch him in the act.

Sergeant Harry Pratt told The Candy Press that a 49 year old man named Jack Napier has been detained following an undercover operation that had been ongoing for several decades.

The Apse Heath sign has been a ‘target for vandals for many years’ explained Sergeant Pratt.  A sting operation involving several officers, some camouflage and high tech camera equipment were needed in order to nab the pesky crook.

Two officers using night vision were covertly stashed in a nearby bush, where they spotted a middle aged gentlemen changing the P in Apse to an R on the Village sign.  The sign which lets people know they are entering Apse Heath has been the victim of Napiers’ so-called gag since he was 15.

Napier is also being questioned about sign tampering in Lake where the sign to the Old Haig retirement flats off Sandown road has suffered similar vandalism.  The police inquiry is ongoing.

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