Free Child Microchipping Thanks To Island Police

FREE child micro-chipping will be available for genuine Isle of Wight parents next week, thanks to a new partnership between Island Police, Apple Computers, and U2.

A series of events have been organised across the Island to allow residents to have their children micro-chipped for free, for their own safety and protection.

The micro-chips come with the latest version of YouOS, with location tracking and digital wallet features.

It’s understood that if the child engages in anti-social behaviour of any kind, the sophisticated chips will play U2 songs into their brain until they stop.

A change in the law means that all children must be micro-chipped in the near future.  It’s expected these chips will see a vast reduction in crime, anti-social behaviour, and U2 concerts.

Mondays & Wednesdays

– 10.30am to 14.30pm at Riverside Centre, Newport.

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