Southern Vectis Taking Web Censorship To New Level?

Telephone Pole

Southern Vectis were forced to apologise to Merston residents yesterday (Friday) after an incident involving one of their buses cut the phone and internet to a number of families.

The number 2 bus was en-route from Godshill to Newport, when the driver swerved suddenly to avoid a hedgehog and caught the cable, hanging a little low due to an overly fat pigeon, severing it from the pole.

An eye-witness claims the driver screeched to a halt, jumped out of the vehicle like a squirrel on LSD shouting ‘don’t panic’, before noticing that the cable wasn’t dangerous and that there was no immediate risk to life.  The driver called BT to report the fault and carried on his way.

We understand that the driver also contacted the Island police to report the accident, but they were in the middle of a game of shove ha’penny at the time and didn’t want to be disturbed.

Eyebrows were raised when official reports claimed ‘the bus was not delayed’, everyone knows a call to BT takes no less than several hours on a good day. There’s no way the driver could have made that call and not delayed the bus, even in the unlikely event the bus was on time in the first place.

Conspiracy theorists believe that this is just the latest in a long line of moves by Southern Vectis to silence dissent on the internet. Not content with blocking criticism on their Facebook page and banning their disgruntled customers from contacting them, it seems they’ve now resorted to physically taking the internet offline in cases where their secret service deem it necessary.

One of the affected residents, who spoke to The Candy Press on condition of anonymity, told us; “this was no accident, it’s been planned to look that way but they cut me off on purpose!” adding; “I’ve been blocked from their Facebook page 207 times now! It’s a disgrace, they just want to keep me quiet!”



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