Council Contract Win Raises Eyebrows

County Hall

Shocking and disturbing news of integrity in our beloved council offices is sure to rock the Island.

Young builder Robin Namore, who recently set up his business with a grant to help young offenders get ‘on the right tracks’ was heard boasting about the lucrative contract he had won to rebuild the garden walls of all council members’ homes.

Robin, 19 of Freshwater, was heard to say “it’s a cushty job alright, I can’t believe I got it. I mean I’m not a nipple showing, trouser lifting, funny hand shaking secret club member or anything, nor is me dad.”

In a confidential, off the record conversation with the Grand Lodge Master, I put it to Master Bates that his organisation had lost its grip and control if such contracts went to ex cons rather than the good upstanding lodge members and their families.

Master Bates confirmed that Robin had no connection with the organisation, but was keen to point out that the contract had in fact been awarded by an idealistic woman council worker from the mainland who had no idea of how things work here on the Island.

“She should get back in the kitchen where she belongs and leave the business to the men. It’s outrageous!” he said, adding; “Who is cooking the children’s tea?”

In unrelated news, police have received a missing persons report from the concerned family of a young woman who’d recently moved to the Island to take up a post at the council.

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