Local Bus Driver Taken Ill From Lack Of Change

Southern Vectis

Today has been a dark day for Southern Vectis as its third member of the driving fleet, Pete Snagsby, 62, has had to take long term leave due to mounting work pressures after being found wandering the streets of Binstead late last night. He was said to have been found in a severe state of shock.

This growing epidemic is said to be due to its bus drivers having to endure a high influx of it’s passengers insisting on paying for their fares with large notes, such as ten pounds and over.

This in turn is causing an unprecedented additional work load to the drivers by forcing them to give correct change to its customers before continuing along their route.

Pete was found at 11.40pm last night by Judy Wanton, 57, a local landlady of Binsted. ‘I saw him pacing up and down the streets holding a Bus timetable. Twenty minutes later I saw him again and went over. He was just muttering ‘Change, they want change!’ over and over.

I thought he was just a drunk member of the local council when I first saw him, because in his Gestapo style uniform, until I noticed the Southern Vectis logo embossed on his hat. The only other thing he muttered was that he needed to get on a number seven bus. I just laughed at him because everyone knows the golden era of the bussing has long gone and taken the legendary long serving number seven route with it!’

Pete was airlifted to hospital where he has been kept under sedation ever since the unnerving incident.

Local police were said to have popped out from their late night station poker games to jab fingers at people, tape up roads and to suspect anyone under forty years of age to be the culprit.

A spokesman at the Newport Southern Vectis branch, Brian Money-Grubber, 56, is urging the public to ‘have the correct change to hand before you board our buses. We cannot continue to give out change to our passengers in this fashion. We offer an excellent level of service, a second to none time keeping record and low rate bus fares starting from just £7.50 per journey which we have not increased for some months. It is time the local people take responsibility for their irresponsible actions!’

At the time of going to press Southern Vectis are said to be looking into the way it collects its change off of its passengers, and that the welfare of its staff and the way they collect their money is off utmost importance to them.

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