Elderly Couple Grew Large Cannabis Plant

Cannabis Growroom

Following the story in the national press of an elderly couple found to have unwittingly cultivated the largest cannabis plant ever seen by police, but were not charged due to having bought the plant at a car boot sale thinking it was a shrub. It has now emerged that the same thing has recently happened to an elderly Isle of Wight couple.

Mr and Mrs Muggings of Nettlestone were first made aware of this when the  police raided their home after a tip-off by a nosey neighbour.  The couple explained to police that they had brought the plant from St. Helens car boot sale, and had also assumed it was a garden shrub.

Police have told The Candy Press that they will not be pressing charges as they believed this to be a genuine mistake. They have also stated they will not be charging the couple for taking cuttings and growing them in the loft with the aid of heat lamps.

Nor would they be charging them with the large amount of stolen car stereo’s, X-box’s or DVD players, which police believe they had also innocently brought at the same car boot sale.

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