County Hall In Bugging Storm

County Hall

News has reached The Candy Press that a sophisticated bugging device has been discovered in the Conservative Offices of County Hall.

A tin can was found by a wastepaper bin, attached to the can was a piece of string which went into the car park where another can was also attached.

A conservative councillor who wished to remain anonymous told The Candy Press; “we noticed the empty can weeks ago and assumed the cleaner would pick it up. Days went by then weeks, we couldn’t believe they would empty the bin but leave the can on the floor.”

“When we arrived for meetings everybody would look to see if it was still there, little did we know that someone was using it to listen in on everything that we said in the room.”

The Island’s most senior policeman DCI Booth said it was very clever, but this type of device only works when the string is pulled tight. He also said it was most probably placed there while County hall having its £4 million upgrade, as there’s many workman walking around doing nothing while trying to look busy in their hard hats & hi-vis jackets.   Anyone could have bought similar clothing in the kids section of Poundland and walked in unchallenged.

The police have asked the public to come forward if they have seen anyone standing in the car park with a tin can to their ear.

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