Southern Vectis Bus Driver Sacked

Southern Vectis


A driver at Southern Vectis has been dismissed after 22 years’ service. Hugh Janus, aged 52, said that he had never once been  in an accident and was always polite to customers.

A spokesperson for the company told us that; “Regretfully, Mr Janus has never once been involved in a funny incident that made the pages of the local paper, nor was he ever responsible for a traffic report on Isle of Wight Radio.”

“Furthermore, he often informed customers of any special offers they could take advantage of to make their journeys cheaper. This sort of competence is not tolerated these days.”

Mr Janus, who lives in Freshwater, told The Candy Press that he’d learnt his lesson and now intends to be far less helpful to people, resolving to rip them off in his new job as a taxi driver.

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