Breaking News: Power Cut In Freshwater

Freshwater Darkness

We’ve received reports via Twitter tonight (Monday) of a major power-cut in the Freshwater area, causing untold misery for thousands missing Corrie.

Our reporter happened to be in Freshwater at the time, nowhere near an electrical junction box, and managed to take a picture (right) of the situation unfolding.

Freshwater resident Ian Bred, spoke to The Candy Press only moments ago, saying; “It’s not that bad, this electric stuff is all new fangled to us anyway, we’ve only had a it a few years, we won’t miss it for one night.”

Fresh ‘overner’ Emily Prattle was not so forgiving; “The council doesn’t work, the kids don’t work, the buses don’t work, and now the sodding electricity doesn’t work!”

We’ll have more on this story as it happens…




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